About us

About Blue Palm Hotel

Blue Palm Hotel is situated in Kericho Town, Kericho County. The hotel is not far from Nairobi Highway and for easy accessibility kindly use the google map provided under Home page or Contact page. In addition to that, you can also find our contact information under Contact page and you are free to communicate with us at any time provided the communication is all about the Hotel and its activities. Any unnecessary (out of the business) communication to our office is prohibited and sueable in the court of law.

We have a strong and effective management system equiped with the most recent managerial skills in the Hotel industry. This management system has always ensured the highest possible level of quality service availability and provision to our customers

We have a team of qualified personel at customer service department who always definitely give the best service to our customers. We kindly advise our customers to report any form of misshandling or any unexpected behaviour by the customer service depatment to the Hotel management.

We wil always appreciate and honour any recommendation made by our customers as this will asist the Hotel management in improving quality of service provision and the general Hotel operation

Our Mission, Vission and Core values:

Our Mission:
To be your ideal partner for all your leisure and business travels. We are committed to provide quality services in a comfortable environment .
Our vision:
To be the guests first choice by aiming to create everlasting memories through an animated personalised services.
Our Core values: